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DocOne, the more we grow the more we need it

DocOne, a very interesting meeting and a fascinating tour of the facilities in Mérignac. When we develop, the files multiply, the important documents (physical or electronic) which must be kept for a standard duration increase, at one point we have more space! This is where I recommend DocOne.

France, my native country, I've been discovering it since I returned in 2014 after 30 years of living in Greece. I am amazed every day when I hear about emerging French companies but also those which make the economic history of the country. What if there was the “French” dream! I believe it.

DocOne offers physical and electronic document storage services. In addition to that, the company offers to outsource essential elements: printing of quality cards, emailing with processing of returns, etc ... With the wonderful welcome from Elodie Duprez, the visit to their site was really interesting and pleasant and the premises are well organized. Finally, with DocOne you will benefit from attractive rates since you can have the same rates as a large company thanks to the economies of scale that the company makes with its large accounts. Thus, DocOne is aimed at large companies and SMEs. Find all the information on

General Information:

- Field and Place of activity: It has 3 production sites: for its data entry and digitization activities and 1 physical archiving site in Bruges (Bordeaux).

Mérignac: Headquarters: 19, Rue Nicolas LEBLANC - 33700 Mérignac

Bruguières: 2 Impasse de Valence, 31150 Bruguières

Bruges: Rue de l'Hermite - 33520 Bruges (Archives Center).

And 1 production site in the premises of our shareholder Diffusion plus in Gaillon (27).

- Structure and size: SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company with a capital of € 1,000,000) whose head office is located in Bordeaux (33).

Products/Services proposed, their particularity: Specialized in the management of Incoming / Outgoing Document but also offers quality card printing products and paper or electronic mailing. : What is the story of Doc One?

In October 2015, Groupe BPCE in association with Groupe Diffusion Plus and Numen co-built the company DocOne from an existing company ORSUD Valley (Specialized in the management of Incoming / Outgoing Document) as part of a project strategic industrialist managed by Groupe BPCE.

DocOne is the new name of ORSUD Valley. This name change follows the creation of a new shareholder structure. Formerly 100% of the shares were held by the Caisse d'Épargne Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes (itself a subsidiary of the new shareholder BPCE).

What is the particularity of the company?

DocOne has been ISO 9001 V2008 certified for 9 years and in Version 2015 since July 2018 on all of its activities and sites.

Here are our activities:

  • publishing Industrial and specialty: Printing, Folding, Routing

  • Digitization of documents (Mail, Surveys, Files, Contracts, ...)

  • Provision of dematerialized documents on a secure extranet

  • Card personalization (Loyalty, Gifts , Subscription, Members, ...)

  • Conservation and management of physical archives.

What is your opinion on the environment in France? / What are you up to?

DocOne is committed to a CSR strategy with multiple challenges.


Employment : Our employment policy promotes the fight against discrimination in terms of recruitment, remuneration and skills management.

Training : We ensure the maintenance and development of the skills of our employees so that they are always in line with our needs through the training plan and more specific training detected during professional interviews or as part of the development of tools. production.

Diversity and equal opportunities / equal treatment

  • Access to and retention in employment for senior citizens: retention in employment of employees “55 and over”.

  • Gender equality plan.

  • Disability policy: the direct employment rate is 5.1%. Development of partnerships with companies in the adapted and protected sector.

Health and safety

  • Our employees are equipped with personal protective equipment (safety shoes, hearing protection, gloves, etc.).

  • An update of the risk analysis is carried out each year and is integrated into the single document (DUE).

  • The workplace accident rate is currently at 0% (excluding commuting accidents).

Economic and societal

Relationships maintained with people or organizations interested in the company's activity

  • Monthly meetings are held with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) so that all employees can be informed about the company's trajectory.

  • Internal communications campaigns are carried out regularly with staff.

  • The CSE, made up of 8 incumbents, is always available to discuss with employees and is a source of proposals to management.

Subcontracting and suppliers

  • Our suppliers and subcontractors adhere to the Imprim'Vert charter, thus guaranteeing environmentally friendly printing.

  • For an equivalent quality / price ratio, we favor local suppliers.

  • Our purchasing and partnership policy tends towards a greener supply chain, a major issue for DocOne.


General environmental policy

The papers used are certified by environmental standards such as the following labels: EU flower (European ecolabel) -, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, TCF (Totally Chlorine Free). This label guarantees that the pulp has been bleached using hydrogen peroxide and ozone without any use of chlorine.

Pollution and waste management

  • We have developed a partnership with the PAPREC company for the recycling of our paper, cardboard and plastics.

  • We encourage our employees to use digital instead of paper printing in office work.

  • Selective sorting: sorting bins are available in offices or in areas where photocopiers and printers are located.

How would you describe the financial development of your business?

It has been stable for many years with a turnover of 29 million euros HT in 2018 and with progressive growth.

What are your main challenges now?

Our commitments:

  • Support and guide our customers in their projects,

  • Deliver services and products within contractual deadlines,

  • Monitor and limit the rate of non-conformities,

  • Inform the customer of the progress of their projects,

  • Make available to our customers a monitoring of our service rate and an analysis of our performance.

Why DocOne?

  • Partner in your digital transformation: multiple skills around projects: solution design, project management, development and implementation of operational solutions in production departments.

  • Our teams and our documentary expertise allow us to support you and fully play the advisory role in the evolution of your needs: advice, service and responsiveness, innovation and tailor-made solutions.

  • Our know-how is operational to offer you the most suitable production solution for your different flows.

  • Our back-up organization between our sites secures our services and guarantees business continuity.

  • Our EDM document processing tools allow us to classify and index all of your document flows (paper and digital) with full traceability of the operation.

  • Our expertise in desktop publishing allows you to carry out all your outgoing communications (paper and digital).

  • Leader in France in the personalization of loyalty cards for mass distribution and gift cards (GSA / GSS).

You can find all the information about DocOne on their website contact Elodie Duprez directly 05 57 21 02 97 /



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