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Pastavore, the feminine determination

Pastavorely yours ”, the little phrase that I love to read at the end of their weekly communication! It's a pretty Food Truck with a fierce red mouth. Kelly and Mathilde, we love them very much. Not only because their menu is interesting, their products are local or French but also because their character just makes you want to taste!

France ... my native country. I have discovered it since I returned in 2014 after 30 years of living in Greece. I am amazed every day when I hear about emerging French companies but also those which make the economic history of the country. What if there was the “French” dream! I believe it.

Young, with dreams that went much further than the Bordeaux right shore’s pastry laboratory, Kelly and Mathilde decided to embark on the Food Truck adventure. Courageous because they quit their job to start their own business but determined not to stay in the routine and live, write their own story. Every Sunday, we can read a small schedule for the week, which allows us to discover the locations where the lucky ones can discover their succulent pasta and also their homemade pastry delicacies. Smile, humor and delight, the ideal trio to taste well, don't you think?

You can fin their program on their Facebook page

General Information:

- Field and Place of activity: Food truck company of artisanal pasta and homemade delicacies in Bordeaux and in Bordeaux Metropolis.

- Structure and size: Simplified joint-stock company of 2 people.

- Products/Services proposed, their particularity: Pastavore offers homemade pasta with certain sauces that change every week and according to the seasons and occasions, homemade pastries, salads, savory and sweet bites. : What is Pastavore's history ?

We met in the same pastry shop when we were pastry chefs.

The desire to discover other adventures that our laboratory has decided to set out to conquer pasta. The difficult hours and the lack of social life motivated our choice to change course. Customer contact was essential for us. Be in the open air, change, no routine.

We were supported by the CCI de Bordeaux which helped us in our administrative procedures.

What is the particularity of your Foodtruck ?

We offer artisanal pasta made in Marmande (47) by the company " the beauties of yesteryear ”. They are made from durum wheat semolina and spring water only. They are therefore suitable for a Vegan population as well.

We develop sauces that accompany pasta with local or French products.

Pastries are also offered for sale that we produce ourselves in our Food Truck.

In summer we offer pasta salads and in winter we offer pasta gratins and lasagna.

We are also developing a catering service for professionals and individuals; for which we develop sweet and savory bites.

What is your opinion on the environment in France? / What are you up to ?

We are one of the main players in respecting the environment. It's up to us to set an example ... That's why we serve our pasta in recyclable kraft containers.

Little by little, we have developed recyclable and aesthetic packaging. (Wooden cutlery, kraft glass and box, cardboard straw, etc.)

We also advocate sorting waste. (Compost, cardboard packaging, household waste, etc.)

How would you describe the financial development of your business?

The development of our company is positive, we have managed to find locations for the whole week at lunchtime and more and more privatizations. As for our catering service, we are starting up but we are increasingly able to participate in events such as private parties. The beginnings are never easy but we have been able to double the turnover since last year so we are staying the course and we are moving forward.

What are your main challenges now?

Make people discover a local and quality product (cooked on demand) that everyone is used to eating at home.

Avoid stereotypes.

You can find the program of Pastavore locations every week on their Facebook page and contact them directly for your event or your business on 06 52 32 32 56.



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