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Specialist-Wanted: access to the best talents, professional and benevolent specialists

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

A platform at the service of very small and medium-sized enterprises and business creators. Created in 2017,Specialist-Wanted, allows entrepreneurs and managers to access expert advice to respond to a challenge by saving time and money.

Specialist-Wanted is an innovative internet platform for VSEs / SMEs looking for administrative and commercial support online and on demand. The keyword that personally attracted me to this platform is the word “Kindness”, indeed, the two co-founders Aurore Moser and Lionel Seltz attribute particular importance to this quality by integrating it directly into Specialist-Wanted’s mission.

Specialist-Wanted is innovative not only by the response it brings to a real market need, but also because it offers an innovative "click and work" functionality: the interface is very easy to use, the functionalities are clear. It enables networking via videoconferencing, management of appointments, monitoring of payments and invoices for both companies and specialists.

The platform offers experts in all areas of the business and so entrepreneurs and business leaders can form a team of experts on demand.

Discover the platform Specialist-Wanted.

Watch the interview with Aurore Moser (Co-founder) on [Start] 2You.

Contact me directly onSpecialist-Wanted or find the expert you need in the area of ​​your interest.



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