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  • Konstantinos Bagios

The challenges of 2020

The year 2020 was a year full of challenges, especially in the digital world. We take advantage of this article to wish you at the same time a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021, computer more serene.

In 2020, the digital world has been subjected to difficult conditions due to the diversity and intensification of the ways in which digital tools are used.

User connectivity is growing in record time, and threats are following the same trend. In fact, in 2020, the world has experienced a cyberattack every 39 seconds!

At the same time, the need to communicate and work remotely has brought many new senior users into the world of technology, able to give their bank account credentials as easily as their security code. Quick to seize the opportunity, the most well-known malware programs belong to the Zeus family, although most of the victims have fallen into the trap of e-mails with the extension ".doc", ".dot" and "exe.”

Good to know:

There are nearly 300 billion security codes since smart digital devices are used all over the world, or 35 billion devices in total.

Following the 300% increase in cyber attacks in 2020, cybersecurity companies increased their investments by $ 6 billion.

The main target of "phishing" attacks are small and medium-sized businesses. Against this type of hacking, human intelligence and understanding is the best defense. To better protect yourself from them, prepare for them and face them, it is therefore essential to always be informed and to educate the teams.

“Something bad is good” says the proverb: the challenges of 2020 have allowed companies to develop their experience and better prepare for cyber attacks. In 2021, all this learning can be applied and developed.




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